Procelite will boost your company’s performance, agility and focus on business objectives
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Project management

Procelite is a powerful management tool that merges Project Management with Task and Process Management, giving you the best of both worlds and dramatically simplifying projects: planning and assigning project tasks with just a few clicks, real time monitoring of execution, dependencies and RAID.
Situation & Challenge
A large scale complex project with a geographically-split team facing the following challenges:
  • Tracking the project progress and RAID in real time without excessive administrative burden
  • Coordination and effective communication of geographically-split team
  • Comprehensive and timely Management Information: KPIs, SLAs presented in crisp, visual way and also available in data format for further analysis
  • Management decisions need to be quickly and efficiently transformed into tasks and actions
  • Project discipline and adherence to the highest level of standards
  • Visibility of team members’ workload and project bottlenecks

Procelite is a powerful management tool that merges Project Management with Task and Process Management, giving you the best of both worlds. Once you have completed the project plan, you can convert it into real tasks with just a few clicks. You receive powerful Management Information (MI) tools to track project task progress and performance in real time. Your project plan is living and breathing; it is immediately updated with any changes and all dependencies are accounted for in the project status. On top of that, once the tasks are assigned, if the person responsible requires further support then additional tasks can be assigned to ensure the project is completed on time. All the derivate assignments will become visible in your original plan as dependencies and you can manage them accordingly.

It goes without saying that when using Procelite you receive all the tools that an advanced Project Manager would expect to have in order to create and run projects efficiently and smoothly.

  • Create a process (project). You can start in classic style by planning everything top to bottom or use a bottom-up approach if you prefer: simply set up a few tasks, assign them to specific people and then join them up into a single process or project by using parent/child dependencies. You may prefer a mixed approach when designing your process and allocating tasks.

  • Track and manage all your project activities and dependencies: process Flow gives an outstanding and detailed view on all the project tasks in real time

  • Track progress, risks and issues: Procelite tracks all progress updates and risks and issues flags in real time. Simply access the Process View, select the project or process that you are interested in and view all information in Visual Process Flow View with all the parameters portrayed in tasks boxes.

  • Get project/process Dashboard statistics

  • Use built-in communication tool to bring together large and geographically-spread teams to focus on task and process design or execution

  • Leverage Gantt/Table/Process Flow process visualisations. Erase the borderline between planning, execution and reporting.

  • Work on continuous improvement, instead of firefighting