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Operational Efficiency

Check how Procelite tools can support identification of inefficiencies and iron them out from your organisation business processes. Process oriented approach for every task in your company will accelerate establishing of Lean organisation and continuous improvement.
Situation & Challenge
A mid-sized B2B financial services company striving to increase team capacity by ironing out inefficiencies and reducing operational costs as well as minimising process errors in order to accommodate work provided by a new client without growing headcount.
  • Identifying inefficiencies: Current Phase Analysis (AS-IS) can be done through the use of built-in Process View and Management Information (Dashboards) functionality. Detailed process flow demonstrates bottlenecks and duplications and other types of waste. Having all this information easily accessible from task description makes it easier to perform Analysis of Non Value Added Activities. This is easy to execute and all the analysis is updated in real time - no more high cost consultancy services to capture business processes that will become outdated in just a few months!

    Information Client Oriented
  • The powerful Dashboard statistics functionality is instrumental in identifying the best performing individuals with the most advanced processes in place that can be used for task enhancement and standardisation. This is also helpful to identify people with insufficient training or potentially negative attitude.

  • Process Designer allows you to capture existing processes and enhance them in the visual editor in order to deploy them by assigning responsible employees with just a few clicks. Process Designer automatically creates a set of tasks based on the designed process optimised according to the critical path.

  • Full support of recurrent tasks allows you to independently adjust and change each of the single task occurrences. Exhaustive audit trail of every version, comment and attachment is at your hand.

    Super Task
  • Once the process is optimised, it can be used to create best-practice templates and be shared across the organisation

  • Built-in documentation manager gives immediate visibility of the process or task documentation, previous versions, audit trails and updates. It enforces discipline in maintaining knowledge and reduces key dependencies which can be instrumental for training purposes