Procelite will boost your company’s performance, agility and focus on business objectives
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Task & performance management

Situation & Challenge

Support growth of your company by enabling better coordination, more effective span of control and real-time performance management information

Company grew fast and expanded quickly. What worked well in small teams starts to slack when the company grows and faces new issues such as:

  • Problems with coordination, creeping deadlines and a lot of meetings without clear agenda.
  • Quality of task completion is impacted, especially internally, but also externally affecting clients.
  • Internal politics and unproductive behaviour affect delivery responsibility in many cases.
  • Productive and hardworking staff are not remunerated appropriately, leading to an increasing level of staff frustration and rising attrition rate.

Procelite Performance and Task Management tools are designed to handle such problems without increasing management headcount. Built-in functionality will boost your company efficiency and improve manageability while effectively increasing your span of control.

  • Task management functionality is user-friendly and intuitive. Whenever you need information or help from a colleague, instead of sending an email just create a new task and use powerful Procelite features to track progress and manage dependencies. Procelite will automatically identify and track dependencies across all hierarchy levels and drive precautionary measures in a timely manner to achieve objectives and meet deadlines.
    • Accurate real-time information on every task and process, its progress and RAG status.
    • 100% transparency on project/task/process dependencies, bottlenecks, risks and issues which are trackable across all hierarchy levels so you can proactively identify risks and resolve issues before they turn into major problems and impact your objectives.
    • Integrated time management: e.g. if a person is absent then all the due tasks will be flagged that allow timely measures to be taken.
    • Comprehensive transparency and deep traceability of progress, versions, risks, issues and comments by every task. All relevant information is in one place and easily accessible when it is needed to resolve a problem or work on improvement.
    • Integrated time management: if a person is absent, then all due tasks are flagged to enable timely measures to be taken.
    Step 1
    Set up a task as quickly as sending an email.
    In the upper menu press + TASK. New Task window will appear. Fill in required fields: Task name, Description, Responsible person and/or department. Set start date and Deadline, Recurrence. Click Create to save the task. Information Create Task
    Step 2
    The Responsible (a person to whom the task is assigned) is to review a task and accept or decline it according to the system managed timeline

    To accept the task, in the Tasks tab (Inbound) click on the new task assigned to you and select Accept from the Action dropdown menu.


    Until accepted by both Responsible and Consumer, the task is not considered as active, which means that it will not be tracked and its execution will not impact the statistics.

    Step 3
    Execute task and track
    Provide progress update, change status or set up an interim milestone if more granular information is required
    Step 4
    Task complete, assess the quality that will impact the Responsible’ s personal stats.
    When closing the task, Consumer will be requested to rate the quality of the task delivered. The entered quality rating will impact the Responsible’ s relevant stats. Select the task in the list and go: Select action → Close.
    Every step is covered and enabled by Procelite engine to bring manual effort to the minimum. These features enforce, nurture and promote responsible behavior and discipline in your organization. High level integrity-driven processes are applied across all levels of seniority in order to make accurate and diligent task execution part of your corporate culture.
  • Efficient Performance management is critical for retaining and upscaling the right staff and staying on top of your competition. In Procelite, Performance Management MI is always up-to-date and available in real time without extra effort, bringing the entire function to the most advanced level. Quality and timeline MI metrics are provided at both personal and departmental levels in visual and adjustable formats to support a variety of purposes such as: staff appraisals, bonuses and training requirements decisions. Approved managers can also instantly view the workload of any person or department in real time. This supports balancing workload and assigning tasks in the most optimal way.
    Example 1
    Follow the work of each department in your organisation
    Example 2
    Keep track of the performance of each employee
    Example 3
    Gather all important data by every single task