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Task & performance management

Procelite is built around an innovative, but simple concept. Every single activity and interaction in the company should be viewed and managed in the context of the broader business process that, eventually, should be directly linked and easily traceable to the market and customer needs (value stream).

This approach enables a blend of advanced features to be made available to every user from Day One to achieve maximum speed of market reaction, operational agility and performance efficiency.

How it works?

All activities and tasks (no matter small or big) are automatically linked and aggregated into business processes providing a holistic view and unprecedented level of business insight - revealing all the dependencies, risks & issues in real time.
This powerful feature lets you to get a grip of areas that earlier may have appeared chaotic and unmanageable. Information

  1. Let’s explore a real-life example: John Smith asks one of the team members (Jane Arnett) to prepare a financial forecast report by 30th of April. Instead of sending an email John will create the following task:

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    Once the task is created, it can be managed and any progress can be tracked in real-time through the "Manager" window. All interactions, communications, documentation and any changes to the task will be automatically captured in an audit trail that will support knowledge management and enforce both supportive and responsible behavior in the team or organization (if somebody ignores a task request, it will be immediately transparent).

  2. Most probably, Jane won’t have all the necessary information at hand to create the report, so she requests the missing information from her colleagues: Michael Diver – to provide a sales forecast and Peter Lewis – to provide a costs forecast. These tasks will be created in a similar manner to the earlier example. There will be one minor difference when creating them as Jane will be able to select from the drop-down box a task for which she needs this information. In our example it is “Financial forecast report for Q4” that John asked her to complete. Information

    To bring example even closer to reality, let’s also assume that Michael needs some further help from another colleague – Nick Levy - to provide a specific sales forecast for engineering services.

  3. In most cases, all interactions between Jane, Michael, Peter, Nick and maybe a dozen other people who could be involved in preparation of the report happens behind the scenes for John. This is appropriate if everything goes smoothly – at the end of the day John doesn’t need to know about all these interactions as long as he gets the report on time.

    However in case of any risks/issues for the report delivery (even if they arise several steps into the process), information should be made known to John as soon as possible so that he can ensure that adequate remediation actions are taken and delivery is not placed at risk.

    Unfortunately, especially in big teams/organizations it often happens that the problem becomes visible to the person at the end of the delivery chain only when it’s already too late and nothing can be done to fix it within the agreed deadline.

    The good news is that Procelite handles this problem easily and doesn’t require any additional effort. Check below to see how it works in our example:


    John opens the Procelite ‘Manager’ screen where the RAG status of the report task is now Amber. In order to understand what is going wrong, it’s enough just to click a PROCESS VIEW button. This functionality is available for every task.

    Once clicked, John will get a clear end-to-end visualization of the whole process, what dependency is at risk, details or the problem and how critical it is.


    In that particular example Nick has a capacity problem that puts at risk the complete delivery. Thanks to Procelite, it can be identified and remediated in a timely manner (re-prioritized, new deadline agreed, etc.)


    With Procelite, you always have an up-to-date view on every process or task and visibility of how it impacts on the activities that you track. Procelite enables the person in charge to make timely management decisions to prevent issues from occurring and escalating, improving overall process efficiency. The feature is fully automated and available 24/7 without any additional effort or investment from Day One.

    There are plenty of other powerful features in Procelite that will help to achieve more with your team and get ahead of the competition- check Blogs and other business cases to learn more

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