Procelite will boost your company’s performance, agility and focus on business objectives
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Agile organisation

Implement agile ways of working and continuous change capability through supporting more decentralised decision making yet better focus, strategy alignment and process ownership.
Situation & Challenge
  • A medium sized company operating in a very competitive market segment requires agility and continuous change capability to stay ahead of its competitors.
  • Geographically split market-facing divisions were created in order to improve and tailor actions to each regional market segment. Shared Services were established to take advantage of economies of scale.
  • Processes, especially those across several divisions, are inefficient: they are slow and prone to errors.
  • Problems with process ownership create even more hassle, conflicts and delay that lead to customer dissatisfaction and problems with operational processes such as inaccurate reporting.
  • Silo and division-centric approach prevail in the organization; global workforce is disjointed even at senior level, which results in loss of manageability at the top and a lack of strategy alignment as well as slow and inefficient implementation of company initiatives.
  • Bottom-line numbers benchmarked against competitors start to reflect problems with management.
  • Procelite is built to make companies more agile, aligned and focused. It enables decentralisation, supports SCRUM type teams across the whole organisation, but at the same time keeps the company bonded by enforcing responsibility, process ownership and alignment of every task with the company strategic targets.
    • Implementation is accelerated by central deployment of the HR database through specialised bulk upload menu items in settings
    • Whether you want to manage an existing process or create a new one in order to bring together several decentralised teams or team members, Procelite will provide you with everything you need to do so.
    • Process designer provides powerful features to plan and create processes- just draw and model a business process process on the screen and then turn it into a set of real tasks in a few clicks.

      Process designer
    • Advanced features will enable the most efficient business process design: automatic calculation of start and end task dates (critical path), dependencies manager, built-in process integrity checks, performance tracking of the assigned tasks, etc.

      Process manager
  • Bring together large and geographically-spread teams with the help of built in communication and collaboration tools, easily share best practice processes and documentation with your colleagues.
    Team collaboration
  • Get instant visibility of all the main performance metrics for a colleague or a team. When teams work in an agile way you would not want to put on them excessive reporting responsibilities yet it’s critical to understand their workload, performance, tasks and processes that they own. The visual dashboard is a powerful and very flexible way to keep processes and tasks tracked.

    Example 1

    Follow the work of each department in your organisation process

    Example 2

    Keep track of performance for every employee and every task

    • Process View Window. You can see and manage all the dependencies that are captured in real time as soon as they appear. Any problems — even several levels below — are immediately visible and you have enough time to take mitigation actions.

      Process diagram
    • When things get really complex, you could create snapshots to treat them as instant photos. You can see and manage all the dependencies that are captured in real time as soon as they appear. Any problems — even several levels below — are immediately visible and you have enough time to take mitigation actions.

      Process View
      Process view

Procelite creates a solid foundation and fantastic basis for emerging and establishing an agile organisation by keeping a high level of autonomy and decentralisation, whilst providing maximum manageability and adaptability to change. All processes and tasks become immediately visible to management. Dashboards and Benchmarks enforce KPIs that drive responsible and supportive behaviour across the organization, orchestrating all the processes and tasks and ensuring that they contribute to the company’s goals and strategies.