Business Process Approach
to Breaking Down the Silos

By Procelite Team

Working in silos is one of those notorious consultancy buzz words that is overused while discussing managerial or operational efficiency problems. According to the Business Dictionary, the Silo Mentality is a mindset present when certain departments or sectors do not wish to share information with others in the same company. This type of mentality will reduce efficiency in the overall operation, reduce morale, and may contribute to the demise of a productive company culture.

From our point of view, it is a part of the broader problem – the problem of effective coordination. By that we mean how you achieve the following objectives:

  • To make all necessary information immediately available when required;
  • To align people’s efforts across your team or across the whole organization;
  • To ensure that the workload is evenly and fairly distributed;
  • To make sure that the same priority ranking of objectives and corporate values are used by the colleagues when they’re making decisions on their own.

As you can see this is already quite a big list of requirements, but we will demonstrate how these problems truly disappear when you start using Procelite. Because of the innovative business process centric approach that Procelite is built around, you won’t need any extra effort to address these problems anymore.

  • Aligning activities to business objectives and customer needs

In Procelite every single activity and interaction is viewed and managed in the context of the broader business process that, eventually, is linked and easily traceable to the market and the customer. Procelite, through the built in procedures, motivates users to challenge every task that they assign to somebody else by asking the following question: “What problem does this help to solve or what bigger task this helps to accomplish?”

This embedded sense check not only changes the colleagues’ attitude and eliminates most of the non-value added activities straight away, but also brings unprecedented clarity of the bigger picture. Every person in the organization can immediately see how the task that he/she is responsible for contributes to the delivery of the company’s strategic objectives and how it helps/impacts the client.

  • Collaboration and information sharing

Since every activity in Procelite is viewed and managed as a part of the bigger business process, this approach enables establishing information sharing and collaboration around tasks and business processes. This brings a lot of benefits as the information is immediately available, exactly when and where it is needed. Nowadays it’s very often that a user is constantly bombarded with different types of information, and the actual challenge is to quickly find all the relevant information. This is what Procelite delivers in the most efficient way.

  • Analytics is available to control workload

Procelite’s built-in Dashboard, Analytics and Dependency visualization features make workload information available to the team leads and to the peers (with all sensitive information masked) on demand that is essential for managing workload on the fly.

Procelite has a strong focus on empowering a culture of business process ownership through an array of innovative features that in many cases will make coordination and collaboration something that happens naturally without constant interventions or micromanagement attempts from senior management.

At the same time, its advanced analytics and visualization capabilities bring confidence, such that if required any risk or issue will be immediately flagged to the person in charge and the problem will be resolved in a timely manner.