Procelite: Project Management and Business Process Design

By Procelite Team

In one of our previous articles, we described Procelite’s ability to visualize the existing dependencies between tasks or activities and automatically aggregate them into business processes (“Bottom-up” approach). This very powerful feature lets you get a grip of areas that earlier appeared chaotic and unmanageable. With Procelite, you always have an up-to-date view on every process or task and visibility and how it impacts on the activities that you track. This enables the person in charge to make timely management decisions to prevent issues from happening, improving overall process efficiency. The feature is fully automated and available 24/7 without any additional effort or investment from Day One.

This article will focus on the “Top-to-bottom” approach that is much more familiar for those who is responsible for Project Management or business processes design (Target State). You would usually apply this approach when there is already good understanding of what should be achieved, how it should be achieved and by whom.

Procelite offers two interface variants to manage the design:

  • Visual diagram (network)
  • Tabular interface - more familiar for Project Managers

You will find a complete suite of Project Management functionality in Procelite: Gantt charting, automatic calculation of start and end dates based on dependencies and durations, automated rule checks, several options to deploy/assign activities (rapid and manual when you have better control and can manage last minute changes) and any other features. In addition, Procelite offers many innovative features that can dramatically simplify and improve how Project Managers and Business Process Architects work.

One of the main predicates - and at the same time challenges of Project Management and Business Process Design is a need to clearly understand all the project or process activities, dependencies, risks, dates, responsibilities, in advance in order to design and plan properly. That is not always possible, especially for the complex initiatives or when work is happening in a very turbulent environment. Another challenge which may be seen is - if change happens when the work is already in progress, as that requires substantial effort to adjust the overall program and can bring another layer of complexity: first of all, it should be recognized in a timely manner, informed decisions must be taken, design updated including all dependencies and finally the change should be re-negotiated and agreed with all parties involved.

Procelite is a powerful management tool that merges Project Management with Task & Business Process Management, giving you the best of both worlds and delivering much more.

  • Procelite helps to identify all the complexities and dependencies before you start the design or planning by generating a set of current state diagrams (AS-IS) – this can be done without manual effort at any time for any business area without costly analysis or consultancy involved. In the case of a Business Process Design the benefits are even bigger – current processes will be captured, including all the parameters, dependencies, durations and participants and transferred into the Visual Designer as a template that will significantly accelerate the work.
  • Once your design is ready you can assign the tasks with just a few clicks. When the deadlines are being assigned, Procelite takes into account time zones of people in different locations - it will let you know if the proposed deadline is out of working hours or there is a conflict in the design process. In addition, it provides a neat, integrated communication interface if you need to clarify any questions with the task participants or negotiate deadlines - all interactions, versions, attachments and changes are captured in the audit trail and are immediately retrievable if needed.
  • Tracking and managing of the assigned activities happens in real time. Project Managers can immediately see all the risks, issues, bottle necks and other potential issues that may occur. This also places at their fingertips some well advanced visual analytics on colleague, task, department or process performance.
  • Even if all the tasks/activities are accepted and already in progress it doesn’t mean they are set in stone. There may be some changes later or further dependencies created that need to be taken into account. For example, if a person responsible for the task needs further help and requests several more people to provide more inputs by some specific time, this creates more dependencies which need to be tracked in order to be able to mitigate any potential risks/issues in a timely manner. Procelite will take care of this by automatically capturing and visually highlighting new dependencies on the diagram, ensuring it is always up to date.

You can explore Business Process Design and Project Management using Procelite. We would be glad to hear feedback from you as we strive to ensure that our product is driven by user-identified needs and remain a leading tool for the Project Management and Business Process Design.