Procelite’s approach to Business Process Management

By Procelite Team

Companies that target to improve their business process management capabilities and strive to adopt business process ownership culture face a lot of challenges on their way to success: mindset, lack of training, legacy technology preventing quick adoption of new practices, rigid and slow governance and org structure, budget constraints, etc.

This article will explain how Procelite can help you to transform your organisation starting to provide vital for the business process-oriented organisation features from Day1

Keeping IT and infrastructure problems apart, the main problems that cause suboptimal performance are: lack of motivation, skills and knowledge, inadequate organisational structure and business processes, lack of coordination and communication, lack of alignment both on strategy and real client needs, etc.

How does it work?

A little bit of theory: Broad definition of Process is “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end”. Thus, every task (activity) that you request somebody to do should have a reason (end), which in turn might be another task that somebody earlier assigned to you. 

For example, if somebody asked you to prepare a report by some specific date, you may need to ask several other people to provide you with some information so that you could use it in the report. That example can be visualised as a simple process where you have an end task “Create Report” and several dependencies (predecessors) that need to be finished before you finish your report

Procelite automatically links activities and visualises them in real time giving unprecedented control and transparency of all the tasks and business processes in real time. In addition, you can easily see all the dependencies and timely take preventive measures in case of any problems.

When using Procelite, create a task using intuitive built in template instead of sending an email. All task/process related communications will be stored in the system and linked to the relevant task that makes it not only extremely easy to search for but also perfect for knowledge management. There is an option to also cc all the communications to your email account, so no real need for emails use any more.

The beauty of the solution that with no more effort than sending out an email you get a bunch of extremely effective business process management features. Se below just a few Procelite examples:

  • All tasks, communications, audit trails are stored and easily accessible
  • Task progress and performance metrics are tracked and available in the visual form through Manager and Insights>Dashboard sections
  • All business process changes are tracked
  • All the tasks are automatically linked into business processes and visualised in real time

These are just a handful of the features that Procelite offers. Keep an eye on further articles to get more insights and make your business more effective and efficient.