Performance Management with Procelite

By Procelite Team

What are the most common causes of the performance inefficiencies?

The majority of companies no matter how small or big they are have their performance challenges, or putting it another way - there is significant space for improvement. That underutilised internal reserve if recovered is a great potential source of competitive advantage in the market.

Keeping IT and infrastructure problems apart, the main problems that cause suboptimal performance are: lack of motivation, skills and knowledge, inadequate organisational structure and business processes, lack of coordination and communication, lack of alignment both on strategy and real client needs, etc.

How would a company/organization usually address these challenges?

The usual route will be establishing a project type temporary structures either internal, or if the budget affords using consultants. Problems with that approach are well known. Just some of the key ones include: unsustainable results as information gathered quickly becomes outdated, once adjusted new structures/processes almost immediately become challenged by new changes. Even agile and continuous improvement initiatives, if they lose pressure and/or support from senior management, will soon stop working.

Procelite with its innovative business process focused approach will help your organisation not only to deliver change, but rather shift the corporate culture towards process ownership - providing sustainable and continuous performance advancement. Colleagues will clearly understand the rationale behind every activity (no matter how big or small) and will have powerful tools at hand to visualise and manage tasks and business processes in real-time.

Procelite’s approach was already described in much detail in the previous article, so let me here outline just its essence. Procelite enables task and business process thinking by using tasks/requests and their comments to capture and manage all interactions and communications inside of the company. Thanks to the smart design, it takes no more effort than sending an email but at the bottom line that makes a huge difference. Procelite’s engine uses this structured information to visualise all the business processes, dependencies, RAG statuses, workload and many other types of management information in real-time.

With Procelite you always have a clear view on all dependencies, any delay or risk for every process step can be seen in real-time. This will bring manageability to the next level, from reactive approaches to holistic process ownership, and resolve risks before they become real issues.

To simplify managing task and business process complexities Procelite provides a number of handy tools:

  • One of them is process/task snapshots. This is very instrumental for tracking changes (Procelite will highlight them automatically) for a task or a whole business process.  You can also use it for the retrospective analysis so that you can analyse what went wrong and at what point of time.
  • Having clearly defined tasks with all the changes and communication audit trail establishes colleague responsibility and engagement
  • Being able to see every business process end-to-end in real-time supports a quick shift to process ownership culture
  • Real-time Management Information and Analytics
  • Knowledge management

Procelite’s innovative features make a huge difference for performance management and gaining extra efficiency. You will start making noticeable progress from Day 1.

In the next article we will describe how to use Real-time Management information provided by Procelite to advance the existing process or design a new process from scratch, instantly assign them to responsible people and/or share it with your colleagues.