Business Process Ownership

By Procelite Team

What is business process ownership and why is it important for organisations to adopt it?

The internal governance of your organisation dramatically benefits from adopting processes and task ownership. Those companies that have made said changes, have experienced an array of positive results. This includes improvements to efficient and effective decision making, a reduction in the need for cross-functional committee meetings and an increase in ownership. One other pivotal benefit to enhancing your organisation’s internal governance is that fewer instances arise of challenges to procedure - challenges which usually land in the laps of senior executives.

Potential issues encountered by organisations with a lack of business process ownership:

  • Staff may not be aware of the reasons they execute certain tasks, or the value these tasks bring to the organisation’s overall goal. As a result, these staff members may suffer from a loss of motivation to carry them out effectively.
  • A fragmented business process may result in issues concerning quality and lead time. The final process consumer is not always aware of the many steps/dependencies that need to be carried out in a timely manner to finalise the product. Thus, problems and their impact on the final result may remain unnoticed until it is too late to remediate.
  • The Silo mentality is responsible for different types of issues within initiatives. Withholding valuable information between teams can cause deadlines to be missed and demotivation to compete in the market during its technological and cultural changes.

Procelite tackles these problems by offering a simple yet innovative and powerful approach that turns every single business activity into a link in the chain of a business process. Each task is then traceable to its dependencies, dependants and eventually to business goals and objectives. Procelite’s smart approach ensures minimum effort regarding adoption, intuitive use and tangible benefits from day 1. This will enable you to shift your colleagues’ attitudes to a business process ownership mindset at all levels, making them care for what they do and challenge efficiency and effectiveness of every task and activity.

Here are a few examples of the functionality that comes with Procelite out of the box: real-time business process visualisation, management information, unprecedented transparency and control over resources, dependencies, projects, knowledge management and many more.

Instead of playing catch up by spending a lot of money on expensive transformation initiatives, get full control over the design and performance of your organisation with Procelite today. Try it for free!

Stay tuned for further posts and insights on business process management and how Procelite can help your organisation.