Business Process Improvement & Operational Excellence

By Procelite Team

Anyone, who has ever been involved in the business process improvement initiative, will most probably agree that one of the first challenges you come across is to get a clear understanding of what is currently going on within the process or the part of the process that you need to improve.

As simple as it may sound, in reality, a process analysis exercise can be quite time consuming and expensive. One of the main challenges is that it’s not always easy to get a grip of the process knowledge. More often than not, the processes are not very well documented and process knowledge is spread among many people. That’s why, if it is more complex than a process of a couple of steps, external consultants or contractors get involved to make a set of AS-IS process maps with pain points captured, as a bare minimum. For this purpose, a lot of people need to be interviewed, and information has to be properly captured and mapped in process diagrams. Then, it should be played back and validated by subject matter experts, which very often takes several iterations.

This exercise requires experience and a specific skillset, and can get quite expensive. Alternatively, entrusting to people without proper experience brings the risk of missing some important information, which may then lead to wrong decisions and even more resources spent along the way.

In this article, we are going to illustrate how Procelite addresses these problems without spending any extra time or resources and more importantly, how it helps to achieve sustainable results- that will not gradually disappear in a couple of months after the project is completed

  • Analytics – Identifying problem areas

Even before starting an optimization exercise, the highest priority problem areas need to be identified and the metrics need to be baselined in order to measure the improvement progress. Procelite provides well advanced real-time analytics that cover processes, people and departments.

  • Understanding the current state. Automatic visualization of task dependencies and creating process diagrams in real-time.

Automatic visualization of task dependencies and generating process diagrams in real time are the Procelite features that you will love, especially if you are tasked with improving the process, establishing controls, filling the gaps in the process knowledge or just managing the process end to end, striving to lead your team to deliver the result faster and of better quality.

Procelite will save you the time and resources that are usually spent on capturing AS-IS state since it can produce current state diagrams for any task or process at any given time with all the dependencies, risks and issues revealed. Just press the Process View button and instantly get the complete living and breathing process view.

If you are tracking some specific processes and need to evaluate the process changes in dynamics - historic screenshots and analysis functionality are at your service.

  • Design and Deployment

Procelite offers powerful visual designer functionality. You can model processes from scratch or use existing live processes as a base. In the latter case, Procelite will generate a process diagram template for the process that you need. You can also choose what information you want to include into the template: Task participants, documentation and durations. All in just a few seconds and then you can easily change any process steps and process parameters. Once you finish the design you can immediately deploy it with just a few clicks by assigning the tasks to your colleagues and track their executions, collaborate and communicate with participants, etc.

  • Continuous improvement

Very often, all the hard work accomplished and the process knowledge gained during the process improvement initiative soon starts to deteriorate and eventually completely disappear not long after the project is over. Failure to maintain the process efficiency and to adjust it to the quickly changing market environment is what happens in most cases. It also happens to be one of the most frustrating situations as it leads to a lot of time and resources truly wasted for nothing. To overcome this challenge, Procelite fosters a process ownership mindset, providing colleagues with the right tools and embedded KPIs that deliver instant visibility and feedback if a business process is becoming less efficient in bringing value to the customer and in contributing to company objectives.