Accountability Issues? – Address the root cause not the symptoms…

By Procelite Team

Missed deadlines, ignored requests or emails, no colleague support, bad quality and the need to re-check your colleagues’ work - unfortunately this list of accountability issues may be much longer and almost everybody who worked in the corporate environment has their own story of this kind. Rephrasing the classical saying - every ineffective team is broken in its own way. Indeed, even if a small proportion of your colleagues don’t take accountability seriously it may have a disastrous impact on the key processes, customer satisfaction and more importantly on the morale of the whole team or even the whole organization.

Before we go into details of the problem, let’s agree on the definition of the two terms that are quite often confused: Responsibility and accountability.

“The main difference between responsibility and accountability is that responsibility can be shared while accountability cannot. Being accountable not only means being responsible for something but also ultimately being answerable for your actions.” 1

We are going to discuss key issues that impact accountability and two main areas where the majority of the problems happen:

  1. When people don’t want to take accountability
  2. When people are already accountable but don’t execute the tasks properly

Procelite effectively addresses the problems in both of these areas and as a result, delivers much more. Please see below just a few key examples:

  • Lack of Transparency

Procelite brings unprecedented transparency to every business process or task. All interactions, communications, documentation and any changes to the task are automatically captured in an audit trail that enforces both accountable and responsible behavior in the team and/or the organization - should a task request be ignored, it will be transparent immediately. In addition, there is a functionality in place to escalate the case to the line manager if your request is continuously being ignored.

  • No visibility of the big picture

Very often people don’t have enough motivation to deliver to the best of their skills and effort because they don’t see the bigger picture. It’s not always obvious how the small task that he or she is accountable for actually contributes to the final result, which may be in the form of customer satisfaction or achieving a company objective. Hence the subpar attitude towards their tasks.

Procelite automatically links every activity back to the company/team objectives and visualizes the complete value stream. This helps to make sense even out of the smallest business as usual activities. Furthermore, if the process is poorly designed/outdated, this visual value stream challenges the user to improve it (we will explore this case in one of the later articles dedicated to business process design and improvement).

  • No consistent feedback and real-time analytics

Having the right KPIs that drive productive behavior is not a new idea. However, Procelite brings it to the next level by embedding the feedback loop into every task and activity. In addition, advanced and adjustable analytics functionality enables every user to see and track trends of such key parameters as timeliness and quality, for every person and department (including peer comparison), in real time.