Multibillion prize: On the brink of AI/ML Start-Up revolution in operational efficiency
There are billions of dollars, pounds and euros locked up in inefficient business processes and enterprise operating models globally. A start-up called Procelite developed a technology to bridge the data gap that is the main obstacle to broad AI/ML adoption in operational excellence space and to releasing this enormous potential.
Business Process Improvement & Operational Excellence
In this article, we are going to illustrate how Procelite dramatically simplifies and accelerates business process improvement initiatives and more importantly, how it helps to achieve sustainable results- that will not gradually disappear in a couple of months after the project is completed.
Accountability Issues? – Address the root cause not the symptoms…
Even if a small proportion of your colleagues don’t take accountability seriously it may have a disastrous impact on the key processes, customer satisfaction and more importantly on the morale of the whole team or even the whole organization
Business Process Approach to Breaking Down the Silos
Working in silos is a part of the broader problem – the problem of effective coordination. From our point of view, business process approach is one of the most effective way to break down the barriers between teams and departments.
Project Management and Business Process Design
Procelite is a powerful management tool that merges Project Management with Task & Business Process Management, giving you the best of both worlds and delivering much more.
Team Performance
In this article we want to discuss how to improve team performance and support sustainable growth and scalability - make things moving faster and achieve results as planned.
Performance Management with Procelite
The majority of companies no matter how small or big they are have their performance challenges, or putting it another way...
Business process ownership
The internal governance of your organisation dramatically benefits from adopting processes and task ownership...
Procelite’s approach to Business Process Management
Companies that target to improve their business process management capabilities and strive to adopt business process ownership culture face a lot of challenges...