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A powerful and scalable cloud-based application. Procelite is your one stop solution for Task and Project management, Collaboration, Business Process Optimization & Design.
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Cloud based business process management

  • Unmatched Process Transparency - automatic aggregation of activities into business processes and their visualisation
  • Effective Collaboration even in geographically dispersed teams
  • Real-time Management Information and Analytics
  • Enables Accountability, Customer Oriented Behaviour and Business Process Ownership
  • Operational Efficiency and Performance - implement changes in the most effective way!
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with your business

businesses of different sizes will find functionality
most relevant for their management agenda
Small business
Medium Business
Large Business
Small business or Project Team
  • Cloud based Intuitive task and project management
  • Real time tracking of tasks and process dependencies
  • Easy and Secure collaboration for Project team and Process members
  • Personal Workload/Performance information
  • Tasks and Process MI reporting
Medium Business
Medium Business
  • Enables process ownership
  • Performance management MI with KPIs designed to enable pro-active company goal-oriented behaviour
  • Instant access to performance metrics of all organization in real time with no additional costs
  • Design, Implement, Improve and share business process
Large Scale Business
  • Supports and drives collaboration within & between teams, departments and offices
  • Unmatched clarity and transparency of existing processes across divisions and levels of management hierarchy
  • Alignment of organisation and business processes to strategy
  • HR, Process performance MI on Individual, Department and Division levels
  • Process diagram automation
  • Knowledge management with integrated task/process documentation system

Functionality built

to achieve maximum performance
Provides real time performance view on each person, department and division. Use this data for remuneration, promotion or skills development
Process Management
A holistic view on company activities by providing powerful tools to visualise, design and manage business processes. Enables process ownership and alignment of every task and process to your company strategy
Select, adjust and pin a report for a person, task, process or department. Maximum flexibility, easy access – both chart and table view for each of the reports
We've put a lot of effort to make user experience easy to use and flexible but still packed this with advanced features and data visualisation capabilities
Task Driven
Brings together people across your organisation and aligns their efforts according to processes and task, makes immediately available all information that is required to complete work in the most effective way. Enables easy cross team and department communication and collaboration by providing task and process aligned messaging and data sharing engine.
Unparalleled functionality for task arrangement (including recurrent tasks), tracking progress and managing risks and issues in real time

Business cases

Project management
Procelite is a powerful management tool that merges Project Management with Task and Process Management, giving you the best of both worlds
Task & Performance management
Support your company growth by enabling better coordination, larger span of control and real time performance management information
Operational Efficiency
Lean organisation and continuous improvement- check how Procelite tools can support identification of inefficiencies and ironing them out from your organisation business processes
Agile organization
Implement agile way of working and continuous change capability through supporting of more decentralised decision making yet better focus, strategy alignment and process ownership